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About China

About China

Without a doubt, you've heard more than once what a fantastic country China is. From culture and history to its traditional cuisine and architecture, this land of contrasts is utterly unique and unbelievable beautiful. What is more, breathtaking China is home to a lot of "-est" things. For example, it houses the world-famous Great Wall of China, the largest structure made by men, and the biggest ancient palace known as the Forbidden City, boasting over 9000 rooms. And don't forget about the Terracotta Army, the most numerous collection of life-size sculptures! And that's just for a start. This list can go on and on. Discover one of the most remarkable places in the world during your China vacation!

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Top Attractions in China

Top Attractions in China

Beijing, China Gallery

Once the capital of four dynasties and the capital of China today, Beijing is one of the world's truly imposing cities with over 3,000 years of history and a population of around 11 million.

Forbidden City, Beijing

The Forbidden City is the former imperial palace which has served as the royal residence for over 491 years.

Ming Tombs, China

The Ming Tombs also known as the 13 Tombs are a complex of mausoleums of the Ming Dynasty's 13 emperors.

Shanghai, China Gallery

Located in the east of the country, Shanghai is the largest city in China and its most significant seaport. The well-known around the globe metropolis is currently the biggest center of economy and trade in China and is also one of its main cultural centers.

Terracotta Warriors, Xian, China

The Terracotta Army is a site of life-size sculptures buried with the first emperor of China to protect him in his afterlife. It is one of the top attractions in China located around 1.5 kilometers east of Emperor Qin Shi Huang's Mausoleum in Lintong.

The Great Wall of China

The 4,000-mile Great Wall of China is one of the Seven Wonders of the world and the longest human-made structure.

Xian, China Gallery

Xian, also known as the "Walled City of Chang’an", is an ancient Chinese town with more than 3,000 years of history.

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All Attractions in China

All Attractions in China