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About Finland

About Finland

Thinking about traveling to Finland? Great choice! This beautiful corner of Scandinavia offers its travelers a lot to see and do no matter which season you opt for your trip. For instance, if you like to embrace the cold, exploring Finland in winter can be one of the best trips to take. Besides the obvious - miraculous wintery landscapes and trees covered in snow, you will have a chance to stay in a unique accommodation like snow hotels or ice igloos, enjoy husky or reindeer safari activities, and meeting Sami people. However, if you choose warmer months, we advise you to use this time for touring the capital city Helsinki or visit another charming summer destination - Turku. If you are planning a trip on your own, make sure to check Finland railways and book your train tickets in advance.

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Top Attractions in Finland

Top Attractions in Finland

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is often referred to as a city of contrasts: Eastern and Western influences, dramatically varied daylight conditions and silence in the middle of an urban jam.

Helsinki Tram Ride
Ride one of the oldest electrified tram systems in the world while in Helsinki.
Rovaniemi, Finland

Placed in the north of Finland, Rovaniemi offers much to be charmed with. People come here to get to know more about the authentic Sami culture and to visit Santa Claus in his residence.

Savonlinna, Finland

Savonlinna is a small town in southeast Finland, in the heart of the Saimaa lake region close to the Russian border, spread on four islands between lakes.

Turku, Finland

Turku is Finland's oldest town settled in the 13th century and was once its capital. It lies on the Gulf of Bothnia in the area where the successors to the Swedish Vikings landed in the 12th century.

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All Attractions in Finland

All Attractions in Finland