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About Northern Italy

About Northern Italy

Turin, Milan, Venice, Florence, Bologna - these are just some of the city gems in Northern Italy. However, the beauty of this region stretches beyond the bustling city life and is vastly dominated by nature surrounding them. When traveling towards the North of Italy it would be a shame to miss out on the wonderful lake trio Garda, Maggiore, and Como, located at the foot of the Alps. They provide refreshing views and excellent hiking opportunities. Don't forget, that you are fully in charge of your trip. Hence, let us know destinations you have in mind and we will work on your itinerary to include only the most worthwhile spots in Northern Italy.

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Top Attractions in Northern Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

Probably one of the most outstanding regions in Europe, the 5 Cinque Terre Coast towns are a must visit when in Italy.

Como, Italy

Located on the Italian-Swiss border, lovely Como is the most important town on the Lake Como, attracting more and more people with its outstanding historic heritage and natural beauty.

Florence, Italy

One of the brightest gems of the Tuscany region, Florence, is the treasure trove, birthplace and cradle of the Renaissance.

Lake Como, Italy

From Milan to the foothills of the Alps, spectacular Lake Como is the heart of Italian romance and history.

Milan, Italy

The world's fashion capital, Milan, is one of the most visited cities in Northern Italy and in the world.

Rome, Italy

The capital of Italy, Rome, obtains an unrivaled and unfathomable collection of historical treasures. This safe and welcoming region one of the most popular tourist destinations around the globe.

Venice, Italy

Waterfront palazzos and palaces make drifting down the Grand Canal feel like cruising through a painting. Venice is the world's most romantic city.

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