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About Romania

About Romania

Charming and mysterious Romania is often associated with the famous Count Dracula. But that’s not the only thing this country may catch your eye for. If you’re a history fan, numerous well-preserved medieval towns such as Sighişoara, fortified churches, and castles, will satisfy your thirst for echoes of the past. The magnificent Carpathian mountains and amazing outdoors make Romania an excellent destination for nature enthusiasts, and famous Romanian wines and national cuisine will satisfy any passionate foodie. Are you already feeling this irresistible craving for the taste of a tour of beautiful Romania? Read more about it and get ready for a lifetime vacation!

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Top Attractions in Romania

Top Attractions in Romania

Bran Castle, Brasov

Visit the pride of Transylvania, the glorious Bran Castle, to get to know more about the history of Romania, as well as the myths about the renown Dracula.

Brasov, Romania

Explore legendary Transilvania, the motherland of the most famous vampire in the world, Count Dracula! It is highly recommendable to start your Transilvanian discovery from a tour of Brasov.

Bucharest, Romania

The modern capital city of Romania, Bucharest, is the place with mesmerizing history and a number of gorgeous parks. The architectural cocktail of Bucharest is definitely one of the things that will make you fall in love with the city.

Sibiu, Romania

The splendid Romanian town of Sibiu was founded in the distant 12th century and has been increasing its unique allure ever since. In fact, Sibiu is considered to be a pioneer in a number of important aspects of the country's life.

Sighisoara, Romania

Nestled in the famous Transilvania region is one of the most fascinating towns of Romania, colorful Sighisoara, with charming cobbled streets and medieval churches. It is known as the birthplace of the great and terrible Dracula.

Sulina, Romania

Sulina is the largest town in the Danube delta, first documented in 950 AD, with about 50% of the delta’s population living here.

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All Attractions in Romania