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About Western Europe

About Western Europe

The western part of Europe is a classy choice. Traveling to France, Germany, Switzerland, or the Benelux trio will fill you with spectacular views of ever-changing scenery and teach you a lesson or two in European history. This region is pretty much ideal to be explored all year round, with traditional Christmas markets taking place in Germany to Holland's Tulip Festival in spring or the warm summer breeze in French Riviera. Choose a country you would like to discover firstly, or cross them all off your bucket list with a multi-country custom tour designed by travel experts. Ready to start a journey of a lifetime?

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Top Attractions in Western Europe

Top Attractions in Western Europe

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is one of the most-visited cities in entire Europe. The reason for its popularity lies in its indescribable atmosphere, beautiful architecture, hundreds of kilometers of romantic canals.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is both the capital and the largest city in Germany best known for its nightlife, street art, historical sights, tolerant and international inhabitants.

Brussels, Belgium

The capital of Belgium and the European Union, Brussels, is a perfect blend of the old and the new, offering travelers much to discover.

Cologne Cathedral, Cologne

Make sure to visit the magnificent Cologne Cathedral, one of the most significant examples of Gothic architecture in Europe. It is the largest Gothic church in northern Europe, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Dam Square, Amsterdam

The Dam Square is a must-visit in Amsterdam, featuring numerous sights and activities for you to explore. Encircled by numerous authentic buildings, the square is built upon what was once a dam in the very heart of the city.

Geneva, Switzerland

Situated along the banks of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps, Geneva sparkles as one of Europe's most beautiful cities, is the world's most compact metropolis and "Peace Capital".

Loire Valley, France

The Loire Valley is located in central France and is often referred to as "the Cradle of French". There are 22 chateaux in Loire Valley France spread all over the area of 800 square kilometers and open to the public.

Market Place, Brussels

Stroll around the splendid Market Place and admire its magnificent architecture while going Brussels sightseeing. Also known by the name of Grand Place, the square is encircled by exceptional examples of lavish architecture.

Mont Saint-Michel, France

Welcome to magnificent Mont Saint-Michel, France's most breathtaking fortified island. The history of Mont Saint-Michel is very interesting, full of unexpected twists, and featuring archangels, merciless wars, brave citizens, and several kings and queens of France.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

The glorious Neuschwanstein Castle is the embodiment of royal splendor and fairytale charm, hidden in the woods of the Bavarian Alps.

Paris, France

The French capital, Paris is the most beautiful and romantic one of all cities. Dubbed "The Capital of Fashion", it is home to the world's finest fashion designers and a breadth of iconic landmarks, paying ode to more than 15 centuries of history.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

The Eiffel Tower of Paris is an eternal symbol of the city. Nowadays, the beautiful French capital is just as unthinkable without the majestic monument as without croissants or excellent wine. Undoubtedly, this sight is an integral part of any Paris itinerary.

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All Attractions in Western Europe

All Attractions in Western Europe

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