Custom bike trip in Switzerland

Joan Brugge from United States traveled to Switzerland

Since we were not provided with any instructions on the use of the bikes, it would be useful to provide some instructional materials on when to use the different bike settings and how to reach the bike office when a bike breaks down. We realize that the bike shop could provide this but they didn’t tell us anything. Also, it took us a while to figure out that the place to rent bikes was in the SBB ticket office. It took us quite a while to find the office and NO ONE in the station k ew where it was. We were sent to multiple wrong places. It would have also been good to let us know in advance if there would be no staff at a hotel (Drei Eidgenossen in Bodigen). There was no elevator or anyone to help with luggage- four flights get of stairs. Had we made a mistake and left out keys in a room, we would have been locked out all night. And we had to wait outside for our luggage because we couldn’t see when the delivery person. Also, we couldn’t get internet because the service required texting a mobile phone and wouldn’t text our US phones. All of the recommended restaurants in the booklet in the room didn’t have a table for us so we couldn’t get help with this and also couldn’t get a cab to take us to a place that was not with us. Walking distance. So we strongly recommend not using a hotel that won’t be staffed- and we do t recommend this hotel - it was clean but felt like a hostel. The breakfast was nice though.

It would also be useful to provide information on things to see or do in the towns we visited. The book from the Bike didn’t have an English section.

Lastly, the luggage transfer arrived so late on days 2 and 3 that we were unable to change out of our sweaty bike clothes for dinner. This made us very uncomfortable!! It is critical to ensure that the luggage will arrive before the end of the bike trip each day. Our cities were not far apart!

September 13, 2021
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