Our trip to Russia couldn't have been better

Kathleen Kuilanoff from United States traveled to Russia

My family wants to thank Firebird Tours for the preparations they did for our trip. It couldn't have been better. We enjoyed having a private tour. We were pleased with the location and quality of each hotel chosen, every driver and guide, most of the restaurants we dined at, and all of the historical monuments we were admitted to. I am disappointed with my acquaintances here in the states who grew up in Moscow and still have family in Moscow. They made it sound like everywhere we traveled we'd have to keep a low profile and not arouse any attention. We couldn't have felt safer everywhere we walked and at any hour we were out. One of the only situations I'd have changed would be selecting seating on Aeroflot. We were touring when the time slot came for seat selection to LAX and we were unable to select seating of our choice. It would have been nice to not deal with that and have someone else handle it. My family would love to travel again with your company. It takes all the anxiety out of traveling.

November 3, 2015
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