Amazing time on the Silk Road tour

Louise Brindle from United States traveled to Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan in 2017

We just got back from our private trip to Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, exploring Silk Road. Well, to keep it short - worth every penny. But, if I had to pick a few things that I enjoyed the most, local guides, smooth transfers, and luxurious hotels would come high on top.

But if we leave tour organization out of it and evaluate the destinations, we traveled to, a few places pop in my mind. Exploring Bishkek with its odd-looking monuments and squares, impressive Burana tower (outside the city) and the stunning resort town Cholpon Ata, alongside the Karakol city had been eye-opening. It's hard to say why I find it so memorable, but there's something about Kyrgyz culture that I find entirely enigmatic. You have to visit the country to really understand what I mean here.

Overall, the trip was great. Planning my next one already!

October 27, 2017
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Immerse in the atmosphere of the Orient, exploring the historic Silk Road destinations in Uzbekistan. Step back in time as you discover the unique architecture of breathtaking Bukhara, Samarkand, and Khiva, and enjoy the top attractions of the capital city, Tashkent.

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Get an insight into the rich cultural heritage, breathtaking nature and fascinating history of the exotic region of Central Asia. A professional tour guide will show you around five stunning cities of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and you will also get to attend a Folklore show. 
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Unique Silk Road adventure from Moscow to Beijing through the exotic Central Asian countries. Begin your Trans-Siberian adventure with a guided city tour of the gorgeous Chinese capital - Beijing and the world-famous landmark, the Great Wall of China, then board a top-quality train and discover a new city gem of Eurasia at every stop you make.