Russia Travel Guide Information

Russia Travel Guide

Vast, unique, and distant Russia is a real mystery for foreign travelers. To break the common stereotypical vision of always snowy frigid Russia with wild bears roaming the streets, we have put together a list of recommendations that will be real life-savers when planning your upcoming Russia trip. Below you can find answers to often asked questions, advice on what to bring with you to Russia when traveling, how to avoid unpleasant surprises, blend in with the locals, and a lot more.

Why Visit Russia?
Anyone would unlikely come up with an idea to argue the uniqueness of genuine Russia. Being the country of social contrasts, interesting traditions, and outstanding cultural and historical heritage, Russia attracts millions of tourists to set foot on the Russian land in order to visit the homeland of talented geniuses, to admire fantastic monuments and architecture, as well as to comprehend the mystery of true Russian soul.
Best Time to Travel to Russia
It would sound so obvious but the best time to travel Russia is, no doubt, summer. The warmest season of the year provides just perfect conditions to explore the most famous highlights of Russian cities. In case you prefer to get some unusual experiences, you may come to Russia in winter which, in fact, won't disappoint you either.
Best Russian Cities to Visit
The territory of Russia is so large that it's not that hard to assume how diverse Russian culture and traditions are. Being one of the richest countries in the world, Russia is also wealthy in beautiful places worth seeing, scattered across its infinite expenses. Here is the list of Russian cities popular among tourists.
Best Russian Regions to Visit
Of course, everyone has heard about the magnificence of the Russian capitals, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. But Russia is so much more. It's impossible to explore Russia during one visit, but all journeys have to start somewhere, so we've put together a list of remarkable regions you definitely won't regret exploring
Russian Visas from A to Z
The first thing you should know is that getting a valid Russian visa is a rather complicated procedure and punishments for anyone not obeying Russian visa laws include arrest, fines, and deportation, so the best option is to let a professional handle the process for you.
Russia Travel Insurance
One of the documents required to obtain a Russian visa is travel insurance, covering at least basic emergency medical assistance and hospital expenses.
Booking Flights to Russia
The biggest country in the world, Russia, is home to several major airlines, all of them boast diverse route networks and offer approximately the same range of services.
Main Airports in Russia
Due to the pretty impressive size and the regular influx of tourists, it’s no surprise that Russia has a number of big international airports, located almost in every large city. In this piece, let’s get a closer look at the main Russian airports.
Russia Dishes
Russia is a multinational and diverse country, making for a great impact on the national cuisine. Of course, Russian food may seem weird and foreign at first sight but we bet that from the rich variety of dishes you'll still be able to find something to your taste. Let's have a closer look at the most distinctive Russian dishes.
Russia Drinks
Are you still convinced that Russian vodka is the only drink that is worth your attention? Believe us, it's not! The Russian beverage selection has much more to offer than you think. Add trying different kinds of local drinks to your "must-dos" list to enjoy your trip to the biggest country in the world to the fullest!
Celebrations in Russia
Without a doubt, the most anticipated holiday in Russia is New Year’s. Unlike the Western World, Christmas there is a purely religious holiday, accompanied by beautiful church services and small family celebrations on occasion. But New Year’s is a completely different case.
Russia Traditions
Russians love customs and respect traditions. Even today most soon-to-be-wed couples choose to follow old Russian wedding traditions, instead of the simpler western ceremony. And there are some “on-a-daily-basis” traditions you are unlikely to find anywhere else but in Russia.
Popular Train Routes in Russia
Vast and magnificent, Russia is a sight for sore eyes and even though taking a plane is definitely the fastest way to travel Russia, a train ride is, without a doubt, the most spectacular.
How to Book Train Tickets
A train is one of the most convenient ways to travel through Russia. The country's railway network is very advanced and spreads throughout entire Russia, making it possible to travel straight to some remote places, unreachable by plane.
Popular Trains in Russia
For those, wishing to explore Russia from the inside, railroad journeys seem to be one of the best ways to do that. Russia has a broad railway network, touching the most remote corners of the country.
Traveling Between Moscow and St. Petersburg
The route between Moscow and St. Petersburg stands among the most popular ones in Russia as it connects the two Russian capitals (aka the most popular tourist destinations in the country). The variety of transportation options is quite diverse, and you may choose from flights, trains, and buses which are at your disposal aplenty.
Currency in Russia
The official currency of Russia is called the Ruble. It's the second oldest national valuta and the first national decimal currency in the world. 
Money in Russia: Credit Cards, Debit Cards or Cash?
Before traveling to Russia it’s useful to get a bit familiar with the local money system. The Russian currency is called Rouble and usually, it’s abbreviated as “p” or “руб” in Russian.
Tipping in Russia
Giving tips is common in Russia yet voluntary. If you are happy with the provided service, you are welcome to express your gratitude by leaving a tip.
ATMs in Russia
Russian cities have pretty good ATM networks, located in and near banks, in big shopping centers and tourist areas. Although you probably won't be able to exchange money to rubles in your home country before you leave, you shouldn't worry, as it is possible to withdraw dollars, euros, and rubles from your debit card in almost all of the local ATMs.
Mobile Cell-phone: Will it Work in Russia?
Leading Russian mobile operators have a developed nationwide network and use GSM (European Standard) and CDMA (American Standard) operators. GSM is used all over the country while the CDMA covers only Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Irkutsk. Most smartphones (like an iPhone or a Samsung) can be used in both standards but it’s important to check what standard your phone operates in before your trip.
Electricity Plugs in Russia
Preparing for your trip to the largest country in the world, keep in mind that Russian electrical outlets might differ from the ones you have at home. All power sockets are of European standard, provide a voltage of 220V, and are designed for two round pins.