Russia Celebrations & Traditions


Russians love holidays and have a lot to celebrate. This section includes key information about holidays known and loved all over the world like Easter and New Year's, as well as celebrations you won't find anywhere else, such as Maslenitsa or Old New Year's. Find out what to do if someone tells you "Khristos voskres" ("Christ is risen") on Easter morning and what to expect when your Russian friends invite you over for dinner.

Russia Celebrations & Traditions
Celebrations in Russia
Without a doubt, the most anticipated holiday in Russia is New Year’s. Unlike the Western World, Christmas there is a purely religious holiday, accompanied by beautiful church services and small family celebrations on occasion. But New Year’s is a completely different case.
Russia Traditions
Russians love customs and respect traditions. Even today most soon-to-be-wed couples choose to follow old Russian wedding traditions, instead of the simpler western ceremony. And there are some “on-a-daily-basis” traditions you are unlikely to find anywhere else but in Russia.