Important Tips for Traveling in Russia

Feel charmed by the allure of genuine Russia? We totally understand your excitement regarding your Russia trip planning and would love to help you make the journey as great and memorable as possible. Thus, in this section, we've collected a bunch of handy tips on which destinations to choose for your Russia itinerary, when is the best time to go, which unique local activities to participate in, and what to bring home on your way back in order to keep the memories of Russia for years to come!

Important Tips for Traveling in Russia
Why Visit Russia?
Anyone would unlikely come up with an idea to argue the uniqueness of genuine Russia. Being the country of social contrasts, interesting traditions, and outstanding cultural and historical heritage, Russia attracts millions of tourists to set foot on the Russian land in order to visit the homeland of talented geniuses, to admire fantastic monuments and architecture, as well as to comprehend the mystery of true Russian soul.
Best Time to Travel to Russia
It would sound so obvious but the best time to travel Russia is, no doubt, summer. The warmest season of the year provides just perfect conditions to explore the most famous highlights of Russian cities. In case you prefer to get some unusual experiences, you may come to Russia in winter which, in fact, won't disappoint you either.
Best Russian Cities to Visit
The territory of Russia is so large that it's not that hard to assume how diverse Russian culture and traditions are. Being one of the richest countries in the world, Russia is also wealthy in beautiful places worth seeing, scattered across its infinite expenses. Here is the list of Russian cities popular among tourists.
Best Russian Regions to Visit
Of course, everyone has heard about the magnificence of the Russian capitals, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. But Russia is so much more. It's impossible to explore Russia during one visit, but all journeys have to start somewhere, so we've put together a list of remarkable regions you definitely won't regret exploring
Top 5 Things to Do in Russia
Of course, it’s impossible to fit all “must-do” things in Russia in one list, but we’ve selected a few popular activities, allowing to appreciate how multifaced and magnificent Russian heritage is.
Top 5 Russian Tourist Attractions
Russia is one of the most popular destinations in the world, attracting millions of visitors every year who hope to understand the mysterious Russian soul. Unfortunately, it's impossible to see everything there is to see in Russia but we put together some Russian sights you might want to consider as a starting point of your lifelong Russia discovery.