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Why Visit Archipelago National Park

Coastal Finland has the world's biggest archipelago, enriched by old wooden towns, lighthouses, historical manors, stone churches, and, of course, large national parks. It has the highest number of islands out of all the archipelagos in the world, making it a must-see while in the area.

The Archipelago National Park is located just 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Turku and forms a mosaic made up of the sea and thousands of islands. It covers a huge area of almost 200 square miles!

The nature in the region is fascinating the whole year round and boasts beautiful, verdant traditional landscapes. Some of the bigger islands actually house authentic villages while a ferry service helps to explore the surroundings and provides transportation to the main islands of the archipelago.  

Moreover, the Archipelago National Park is one of the most species-rich regions in Finland and is part of the Archipelago Sea Biosphere Reserve, which was established by UNESCO.

The park makes for a great day trip from Turku and is perfect for biking, hiking, boat rides and bird watching.