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Visit Bamberg in Germany

Situated in the picturesque valley of the River Regnitz, Bamberg is one of the most beautiful locations of the German Federal state of Bavaria. This small yet fascination town has a special charm and attracts more than 300 thousands of visitors a year and it is not by accident.

The town of kings and bishops, Bamberg, is often referred to as the "Bavarian Venice" due to the numerous canals and beautiful bridges. The town was founded in the 10th century by the Bamberg graphs and then became the possession of Emperor Heinrich II who made Bamberg the center of his empire.

Bamberg Cathedral

Luckily, the town never experienced any bombardments during the World War II so the Old Town of Bamberg has remained unspoiled since the Middle Ages and was listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The true architectural gem of the town is the Bamberg Cathedral, a late Romanesque building with four towers which serves as the seat of the Archbishop of Bamberg. Moreover, the Cathedral is the burial place of Emperor Heinrich II and his wife.

Altes Rathaus

The most photographed sight in Bamberg that makes the citizens proud is the old Altes Rathaus. This Town Hall is spectacularly connected with the river banks by two bridges and houses a museum with a collection of porcelain.


It is hard to deny that the prime of the town peaked in the Baroque epoch which explains the fact that the outstanding Baroque monuments are waiting for travelers on every corner. One of the finest examples of this style is Böttingerhaus, built similarly to an Italian palazzo.

Bamberg brewery

Apart from the saturated sightseeing opportunities, Bamberg is famous for its beer. The town houses ten breweries and each of them produces its unique sort of the drink putting beer in the same row of city's landmark, as the famous Cathedral and Town Hall.

However, Bamberg, has a lot more attractions to include in your Germany vacation package, from Romanesque churches to the fishing quarter with picturesque half-timbered buildings Klein-Venedig, called "Little Venice".

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