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Bolshoi Theater, Moscow's Most Popular Opera & Ballet Theater

The Bolshoi Theater's history runs far back to 1776 when Prince Peter Urusov and Michael Maddox founded the first petite ballet troupe. Their first performances were set for a small audience at times even in private homes but then evolved into a big well-known and appreciated dance collective.

The theater has performed on the stage of the current building standing on the Theater Square since 1824, pleasing generations of opera and ballet fans with 3-4 new shows each season.

The Bolshoi Theater (translated as "Grand" or "Big" Theater) is the biggest theater in Moscow, which has preserved century-old traditions of opera and ballet staging. The two arts have always had a very significant cultural meaning for Russia.

Moreover, Bolshoi’s Ballet company is one of the first and biggest collectives on the planet with over 200 dancers performing here today.

Bolshoi has the status of a world-class opera & ballet theater, therefore going on a performance is an absolute must-do when in Russia.