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Capri, Italy

What to See on Tours of Capri

Capri is an Italian island-gem located in the in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Capri, Italy is most famous for its sea caves and people from all over the world come here to take a charming boat ride on a traditional gozzo boat to check out these natural wonders. The most famous natural landmarks in Capri are first and foremostly the Blue Grotto cave called Grotta Azzurra as well as the Faraglioni cliffs.

When in Capri check out these must-sees:
  • La Piazzetta Square
  • Grotta Azzurra
  • Faraglioni cliffs
  • Certosa di San Giacomo
  • Gardens of Augustus
There's more to the rocky island of Capri than just marine adventures, as such this destination is often chosen for great hiking opportunities.

Also, to get a taste of Capri, try the delicious local dish - ravioli capresi pasta as well as local lemon pastries.

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