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Why Visit Chau Doc

Chau Doc is a pleasant city near the Cambodian border. The Bassac River, flowing through the city, forms a natural border between Cambodia and Vietnam, making the Chau Doc harbor a popular destination. It is a very beautiful place in the Mekong Delta, offering many attractions.

This friendly town has a rich history and it belonged to the Kingdom of Funan for a long period of time. The territory has been a part of Vietnam for only about 300 years. Today there are sizable Chinese, Cham and Khmer communities located around this small town, thus due its cultural diversity, Chau Doc is clustered with mosques, temples, churches and pilgrimage sites, making it a fascinating place to explore various cultural heritage.

Another highlight of this peaceful town are the floating fish farms, markets and villages. Take a boat ride down the Bassac River to enjoy the picturesque waterfront view and experience the genuine Vietnamese daily life.