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The Iconic Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Cathedral is among the most magnificent examples of architectural heritage in the city and a must-visit while on any Germany tour. Attracting a growing number of visitors each year, it is the largest Gothic church in northern Europe which has actually been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


The awe-inspiring monument as we see it now started to take shape back in the 13th century. It took over 600 years to complete as the construction officially ended in 1880, and the church was believed to be the tallest building in the world at that moment.


Featuring an imposing stonework exterior, the Gothic masterpiece also boasts sky-crossing twin spires, reaching the height of 157 meters (515 ft). You can actually climb the southern tower for some breathtaking views over the Cologne, however, in order to do that, some stairs have to be conquered, thus make sure to get motivated beforehand.


In addition to that, don't miss the chance to explore the interior of the church as it offers a collection of authentic artifacts, along with some unique pieces of decoration. Inside you will find beautiful stained-glass windows, the imposing Gero Crucifix, as well as a massive gold Shrine containing the remains of the Three Kings, and many more marvels depicting the long history of the site.

Visiting the Cologne Cathedral is definitely a unique experience, thus make sure to include it to your itinerary while exploring Germany.