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Why Visit Garni, Armenia

The village of Garni, located in the Kotayk Province, is a must-visit in while traveling in Armenia. Exceptional in its authentic architectural heritage, it used to be one of the former summer residences of the kings of the country!

Temple of Garni

The most notable attraction of this time-honored village is the magnificent and historic temple of Garni. Completed in the 1st century AD to worship the God of the sun Mihr, it was built in the classical Ancient Greek style and is the only wholly preserved sample of the Hellenistic architecture in Armenia. The imposing monument features grand columns and some original carvings as well.

Geghard monastery

Another site worth for visiting is the incredible Geghard monastery. The medieval monastery complex was founded in the 4th century by Gregory the Illuminator at the site of a sacred spring inside a cave.

Located at the head of the Azat valley, and surrounded by towering cliffs, the village of Garni houses some exceptionally well-preserved rock-cut temples and remarkable tombs. In addition to that, it provides eminent examples of medieval Armenian monastic architecture and decorative art truly worth exploring while in the region.

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