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Genoa, Italy
Located on the shores of the Gulf of Genoa in the Italian Liguria region, the port city Genoa is most widely known for being the country's major economic center as well as a place boasting incredible well-preserved historical sights. Genoa once had powerful surrounding walls and some of its parts and towers have made it to our days. Interestingly, Genoa is also the hometown of the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

If Genoa, Italy is on your radar, check out the following must-visit sights:
  • Piazza De Ferrari
  • Cathedral of San Lorenzo
  • Porta Soprana & Casa di Colombo
  • Palazzo San Giorgio
Stroll Genoa's charming piazzas, stop in one of the many top-notch Genoese museums, spend leisure time by the large harbour. Moreover, there's no place like Genoa to taste local Ligurian cuisine: delicious seafood pastas, ravioli and fish dishes.

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Milan, Genoa, Sardinia & Rome
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Experience Italy's major landmarks with the private tour starting in Milan. Travel to Sardinia Island on a ferry from Genoa and explore archaeological UNESCO Site of Su Nuraxi di Barumini and the towns of Sardinia. Your trip ends in Rome where you have several days to spend.
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