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Hallwyl Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
The Hallwyl Museum is a Swedish national museum located in the heart of Stockholm. Having entered this museum you can easily leave the noise of the city behind and step 100 years back in time. What is more, this is one of Sweden’s largest assemblages of art, porcelain and antique furniture. The Hallwyl Museum is a great opportunity to see how the society lived in Stockholm a hundred years ago. You can find out about Countess Wilhelmina von Hallwyl and her family – their fascinating history and the magnificent home she created at the end of the 19th century.

Experience the luxuries and modern conveniences in the Count and Countess’s lavish house, with its dining room, salons, smoking room, weapons room, billiards room and porcelain room. Each and every single item in the Hallwyl Palace was documented and is a magnificent statement of the historical development of that time. We recommend you go on the guided tour to hear incredibly interesting stories about the family and this unbelievable collection of treasures acquired by a wealthy woman, which was later gifted to the State.