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Why Go On a Hurtigruten Cruise in Norway

Hurtigruten coastal voyages create the possibility for its passengers to admire the stunning scenery of the Norwegian coast and witness the greatness of the fjords and nature in the area.

The Hurtigruten ships trace the dramatic Norwegian coastline from Bergen and the southern fjords, up across the Arctic Circle, all the way to Lofoten and the top end of Europe.

The route passes through the magnificent fjord landscapes, the chalk-white beaches of Helgeland, stunning mountain ranges, waterfalls such as the Seven Sisters, the jagged Lofoten Islands, the large island of Senja, and many more.

Also, many ports are passed by along the route including city harbors like Alesund as well as those of some smaller coastal towns.

Moreover, Hurtigruten coastal voyages provide not only with breathtaking sceneries but offer a possibility to enjoy the arctic wonders of nature, such as the Midnight Sun or the Northern Lights, which can only be seen in special places as such on the trip. It can also be diversified by numerous on-shore activities as well.

The Hurtigruten voyage is thus often described as the world's most beautiful sea voyage. Is it on your bucket list?

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