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Where is Lake Como, Italy?

From Milan to the foothills of the Alps, spectacular Lake Como, Italy is the heart of Italian romance and history. Located in Lombardy, the lake has an area of 146 square kilometers, which makes it the third-largest lake in the country, just after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore.

Locally known as the Lake Lario, this natural gem used to be a popular retreat for wealthy people, but, eventually, Lake Como, Italy has become a remarkable spot for travelers of all bank account sizes. Nowadays, the territory around the lake comprises a number of luxury villas and lovely lakeside towns like Como, Bellagio and Varenna, waiting for you to be explored.

What to do on Lake Como? In general, Lake Como, Italy is a perfect choice for those, willing to combine relaxation with adventures and active time spending as the place can offer opportunities for hiking and sightseeing as well as sailing and windsurfing. Another way to get closer to the Italian nature is setting off on a cruise around Lake Como, Italy that will provide you with unforgettable picturesque views.

Lake Como, Italy is also home to plenty of lush 5-star hotels, that's why its idyllic shores are one of the top favorites for celebrity's holidays. So it's no surprise to meet Madonna or George Clooney in the neighborhood, as they have their posh villas there. Treat yourself to an unforgettable Italian getaway and book your private tour including Lake Como.

Tour packages with Lake Como, Italy

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10 days4 cities

Travel to Northern Italy known for the wealthiest provinces, cathedrals and magnificent lakes Como and Garda. Experience wine tastings in Verona and walk through the oldest market to flavour the authentic Venetian atmosphere with the 10-day private tour.

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Crave to see incredible European landscapes? Get your cameras ready as you set off on a private exploration of outstanding destinations in Italy and Switzerland from glorious lake towns, including Como, Stresa, and Lugano, to the Alpine wonders of St. Mortiz and Zermatt. Visit the gorgeous Isola Bella and ride the famous Bernina Express!

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SwitzerlandSwitzerland:Lugano, Lucerne, Zurich

Explore the best sights of Northern Italy from Venice, Verona and Como to beautiful Switzerland towns Lugano, Lucerne and Zurich in 13 days. Enjoy excellent trip arrangments from locally-sourced guides, remarkable accommodation to convenient transfers to sights.

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10 days5 cities

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the marvelous lakes of Northern Italy as well as the countryside views of the Piedmont region. Spend time in fabulous Milan, explore charming cities like Como, Sirmione, and Stresa both from land and water, as well as take in the panoramas of the wine region up north.

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10 days6 cities

Catch the spirit of the picturesque Italian Lake region and charming Swiss cities in 10 days. Relish the delights of a tailored-to-your-needs private tour which includes the exploration of inspiring cities like Milan & St. Moritz, as well as such unique local experiences as the Bernina Express and Glacier Express rides.