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Liseberg Theme Park, Sweden
Liseberg is one of the leading amusement parks in Europe. The Atmosfear roller coaster is in the top fearsome attractions in the world, it’s a 146 meter tower that you fall from freely. There is forty-one more ride and attraction, a bunch of themed bars, restaurants and cafés that make Liseberg one of the most visited and enjoyable places in Scandinavia both for kids and grown-ups.

What is more, over 20 rides are available in the wintertime! In mid November the park re-emerges from the dark as a winter wonderland festooned with Christmas lights. The vast majority of the good rides are closed at this time of year, with the park given over to a big festive market selling hot spiced wine (glögg), chewy salt licorice, and lots of Christmassy handicrafts.

Apart from thrills, spills and laughter, Liseberg is also one of the world’s greenest amusement parks featuring hundreds of trees, bushes and flowers.

Rides and attractions open from April to end September, but Liseberg is a real attraction all year long, so if you are traveling to Sweden be sure to visit!