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Why Visit Norway's Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands represent one more Norwegian location, boasting dramatic views of wild Scandinavian nature. Set in the turbulent waters of the Norwegian Sea above the Arctic Circle, the archipelago is a true natural marvel worth exploring.

Lofoten Norway is a true pride of the country and attracts lots of tourists from all over the world. The archipelago includes several big and lots of small isles. The biggest ones are Hinnoya, Austvagoy, Gimsoy, Vestvagoy, Flakstadoya, and Moskenesoya. The while population consists of almost 25 000 people.

The main thing that attracts travelers to these picturesque lands are the landscapes that look like being drawn by best web-designers. Striking mountains reflected in the clean calm waters of beautiful fjords and wild postcard-like beaches just tempt to be discovered.

Moreover, the rocky islands of the archipelago have quite a peculiar past and even some world-famous objects. Plus, Lofoten is the place where the whirlpool of Malstrom, the largest on our planet deep-sea coral reef is located. Interestingly, Lofoten also has a strong connection to the Viking times and travelers are welcome to get a deeper insight into the history of the isles by visiting the great Viking Museum, located in Borg.

Best time to visit Lofoten Islands

The beauties of the Lofoten Islands have been glorified by artists, poets, and writers. The best season to enjoy Lofoten at its liveliest is summer which provides numerous opportunities from hiking and kayaking to observing the midnight sun. Winter is also an atmospheric period that gives a chance to see the fantastic Northern Lights.