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The Maiden Tower, Baku, Azerbaijan
The Maiden Tower, also known locally as Qiz Qalasi, is one of Azerbaijan's most distinctive national emblems, and is thus featured on Azeri currency notes and official letterhead. It is often described as the "most majestic and mysterious monument of Baku”. The cylindrical eight story structure that rises to a height of 29.5 meters (97 ft) was built in the 12th century as part of the walled city on solid rock foundation alongside a natural oil well.

The architectural style of the tower is a fusion of Arabic, Persian and Ottoman influences. It is said that the internal space available in the tower can accommodate 200 people and it is also predicted that since the main tower faces east oriented towards sunrise - it was built as an astronomical tower. Nowadays together with the Shirvanshah's’ Palace, the Maiden Tower forms an ensemble of historic monuments under UNESCO World Heritage List. Don’t forget to stop by the museum in the tower, which exhibits the story of historic evolution of the Baku city. During your wonderful trip, you enjoy the remarkable rooftop view from the Maiden Tower of the whole historical Old City.