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Why Visit Mandrogi, Volga River

Mandrogi is a unique complex of museums located between the Ladoga and Onega lakes. Each museum features a different aspect of Russian folk life.

The small Karellian mill town of Uppen Mandrogi was settled in the 18th century, yet was destructed much after World War II. It took about 5 years and the efforts of the country's best craftsmen and woodworkers to restore the cultural settlement.

Mandrogi, literally translated as ‘thresholds’ from the local Vepsian language, has become a very popular tourist attraction today.


The museum includes a series of traditional buildings which were decorated with carving, 2 hotels, a post-office, artisan workshops and a large restaurant called the ‘Gostiny Dvor’.

The most visited and highly favored museum in Mandrogi is the Museum of Russian Vodka, housing a collection of about 2,800 types of vodka brought from all across the country. Apart from vodka tasting visitors also find out about the different ways and technologies used to create the alcoholic beverage.

The Upper Mandrogi also features museums dedicated to traditional craft workshops including demonstrations of wood carving, weaving, lacework, and pottery. For those who favor animals there is a petting zoo with local plants, animals and a unique quail farm where fresh quail eggs are produced.