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Why Visit Monaco

Monaco is Europe's petite precious diamond, and every year thousands of tourists come to the second smallest and most densely populated country in the world, attracted by its weather, world-famous luxurious casino, and its glamorous reputation.

Located on the French Riviera bordering France on three sides and the Mediterranean Sea on its fourth, Monaco has long been known as the "playground for the rich and famous", thus it's no surprise that about 30% percent of the locals are millionaires. Monaco's most populous part of town is Monte Carlo, where stands the famous casino of the same name.

It has a rich and fascinating history and tells a story of castles, epic battles, and untold riches. Actually, Monaco was ruled by the House of Grimaldi since 1297, and this city-state's sovereignty was declared only in 1861 after centuries of being passed between Genoa, France, and Sardinia.

Among the many things that can be seen during Monaco tours, here are the top attractions that can't be missed:

  • Monte-Carlo Casino and Opera House (built in 1893)
  • Prince's Palace (built on the site of a fortress erected by the Genoese in 1215)
  • Fort Antoine (early 8th-century fortress now used as an outdoor theater)
  • Monaco Cathedral (built with the stark white stones in Roman-Byzantine-style in 1875, that now houses the burial places Prince Rainier and famous movie-star Princess Grace Kelly)

Discover all the treasures on the territory of Monaco, a city that is roughly the same size as the Central Park in New York.


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