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Montjuic hill is a 230 meter high hill overlooking Barcelona from the southeast and opening the best views over the port, Barcelona city and its coastline. Montjuic gets its name from the Catalan meaning 'Jewish Mountain', and was once the home of the city's Jewish community. The hill is among the most attractive areas of Barcelona today.

Among the must-sees of the hill is first the Castell de Montjuic situated at the very top. It is a former military fort which dates back to the 18th century and has been used for the defense of Barcelona.

In the 1920’s Montjuic was chosen as the site for new developments for the International Fair of 1929. During this time the famous, gorgeous and majestic palace Palau Nacional was built. Today this remarkable beauty houses the renowned Museum of Catalan Art. Supplementing the palace's beauty, the “Font Magica” Magic Fountain located at the foot of breathtaking Palau Nacional has impressed viewers with its waterworks spurting to the tune of classical music. Apart from that, the culturally interesting Poble Espanyol - a traditional Spanish village which was specially created to display various architectural styles from different regions of the peninsula, is also a place worth seeing.

Today the Montjuic hill is home to many parks, museums, the Barcelona botanical gardens, and attractions including Lluis Companys Olympic stadium and the Olympic swimming pools.

So if you rise to the top of Montjuic on a funicular railway and cable car, you are sure to see fantastic views of the city and experience many incredible sights of the multi-sided and fun hill.