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Moscow Metro, the Oldest Subway in Russia

Explore the incredible world of underground Moscow. The Moscow Metro provides its citizens with fast and comfortable travel about the traffic-jammed city, carrying an average of 6.7 million people each day.

More than 300 kilometers (186 miles) of track divided into 12 lines that serve 186 stations, yet each of them has its own unique appearance.

The first stations were opened in 1935 as part of the capital's modernization program and are often referred to as “the underground palaces of Moscow”.

Soviet metro stations

Stations such as "Revolution Square", "Komsomolskaya" or the "Novoslobodskaya" are named standards of Soviet architecture of pre- and after-war periods, and were created as monuments in honor of the Soviet success in industrializing the country and as symbols of the pride and victory of the Russian nation.

The unique underground subway was designed by the country's finest architects who used paintings, monuments, bronze statues and mosaics of marble and stained glass to decorate them.