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Peterhof - Must-Visit On a Trip to St.Petersburg

The Peterhof is a palace complex often referred to as the "Russian Versailles". It is the luxurious royal residence of Russian Tsars founded by Peter the Great 300 years ago. Located just outside of Saint Petersburg, the beauty of Peterhof's palaces, gardens and world-famous fountains attract thousands of tourists annually.

The site for the royal residence was selected by Peter the Great in 1705 during the first years of the founding of the northern capital - Saint Petersburg. He built a landing for ships on the shore of the Gulf of Finland to take him on state excursions to Europe from his summer palace - Monplaisir Palace.

Each of the Tsars who reigned after Peter the Great expanded Peterhof's palaces and gardens yet the main contributions were made by Peter the Great before 1725. The beautiful palaces and surrounding grounds were designed by the best foreign architects. The gorgeous baroque building of the Grand Palace, for example, was designed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli in 1752.

The Peterhof palace ensemble is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a gorgeous place not only to spend the day in luxurious surroundings but to find out more about Russia's exciting history and culture.

Peterhof fountains

The breathtaking fountains of the Peterhof complex are an unforgettable sight alone. The most famous are the Samson Fountain and the Grand Cascade located by the Marly Palace. Many of the fountains are known to have special secrets, thus when in Peterhof you are in for many surprises.