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Visit Portofino in Italy

If you're among those who aren't positive about where is Portofino this petite and charming Ligurian gem is set not far from Genoa. Indeed, Portofino is a stunning location on the Italian Riviera worth visiting.

Its tiny harbor, colorful buildings, historical sights and beautiful bright green natural surroundings against blue waters of the bay make Italian Portofino a unique place, highly popular among travelers.

Portofino is not your typical fishing village and is considered to be one of the top places for high-end shopping in Italy. Moreover, the town boasts a unique atmosphere reminiscent of the 1950s when Portofino actually became a hit and was often visited by numerous famous people who were considered part of the jet set elite that traveled around the globe to fancy locations such as St. Tropez for pleasure.

The small town also boasts many luxurious villas and offers a broad selection of great restaurants and cafes. For those who are fond of outdoor leisure, there are plenty of options from diving in the Portofino Marine Reserve to going on a hike in the regional park.

Things to see in Portofino

When visiting Portofino check out the following must-sees:

  • Piazzetta Square
  • Abbey of San Fruttuoso
  • Castello Brown
  • St. George Church

For an unforgettable experience, go on a boat ride and enjoy the views of this one of a kind region from the water. Plus, to get a taste of Portofino try some local white wine called Nostralino with a side of focaccia with cheese.

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