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Top Moscow Site: Red Square

The Red Square is the main central square in Moscow and the capital's most visited sight. Its name "red" - "krasnaya" originates from a different meaning of this Russian word meaning "beautiful".

Situated in the very heart of town between the historic quarter of merchants called "Kitai-gorod" and Kremlin's citadel, the Red Square is the zero meridian of Moscow's main streets. It is also made up by a number of outstanding landmarks.

Facts from history

The square has a profound history and was the stage for political, social and historical changes and development of Russia for the past 500 years. It was a site where Ivan the Terrible executed prisoners in the 16th century, you can even see the "Lobnoye Mesto" right on the Red Square today, this historic platform was the place where the executions were held and where numerous declarations were made.

The cruel Tsar later began the construction of St. Basil's Cathedral in 1552 as a repent of his bad deeds. Today it is the most emblematic architectural masterpiece symbolizing Russia. The colorful red-bricked beauty of St. Basil's Cathedral is the Red Square's main decoration.

Buildings in Red Square, Moscow

Apart from the cathedral in honor of Saint Vasily the Blessed, the Red Square Moscow houses Lenin's Mausoleum, which has been constructed in 1924 as a monument to the era of Communism and stands right by the walls of the Kremlin and its renown tower with the clock. What is more, the famous department store GUM and the old mint are also located on the square. You can visit both of them to complement your Red Square itinerary.

The Red Square is listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a place where national celebrations and parades are held, and is the #1 must visit during a Moscow tour.