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About Sardinia Island

Sardinia is one of Italy's most beautiful Mediterranean Islands, boasting rich history and outstanding white sand beaches and azure blue waters.

Most travelers choose to travel to Sardinia, Italy for its remarkable nature, such as that of the Emerald Coast, as well as for delicious local cuisine.

Interestingly, Sardinia is also home to many well-preserved historic sights. As such there are many remnants of prehistoric sights (more than 8 thousand in total) with still standing buildings, walls, and even wells.

Apart from that, Sardinia's history boasts a large chapter of Spanish presence therefore many towns, for example, Alghero, and points of interest reflect Spanish architecture.

Best places to visit in Sardinia

When exploring Sardinia check out the following towns and sights:

  • Cagliari, Italy
  • Alghero, Italy
  • Bosa, Italy
  • Olbia, Italy
  • Castelsardo, Italy
  • Ancient stone towers such as Nuraghe Losa or Nuraghe Su Nuraxi

Those who come to Sardinia surely enjoy plenty of sunshine and opportunities to discover its nature, there are more than 50 wildlife reserves on the island. For a very memorable experience, it is advised to explore this gorgeous island not only from land but from water too, thus consider going on a boat tour or cruise. Check out our Sardinia tours in the list below.

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308 Reviews
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