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Why Go on a Trip to Sicily, Italy

The largest island in the Mediterranean sea, gorgeous Sicily is one of the most visited destinations in Italy. Having a long and rich history, Sicily, Italy offers a diversity of breathtaking landscapes and cultural treasures.

Things to do in Sicily

The heart of the region is glorious Palermo where a traveler can witness such hallmarks as Norman Palace and the Palatine Chapel.

Another symbol of Sicily, Italy is the ancient but intact Temple of Concord, dedicated to the Roman goddess of marriage and society Concordia. Sicily is home to the splendid UNESCO World Heritage site, the Valley of the Temples which is also the largest archaeological site in the world.

Best towns to visit in Sicily

Here is a list of other wonderful cities, definitely worth visiting:

Natural sights to see in Sicily

As for the natural wonders, the highest and most active volcano in Europe, mount Etna is located here. Majestically rising above the territory of the isle, Etna boasts the most supernatural scenery in Italy. Moveover, after visiting this amazing natural masterpiece, a traveler can stop at a local winery and taste unique Etna wine.

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