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Moscow Museums: The Tretyakov Gallery

The #1 art gallery in Moscow - the State Tretyakov Gallery, located in the center of town is one of the most famous, prestigious and appreciated museums worldwide and is an absolute must-visit when in Russia's capital.


The art gallery has a profound history. In 1856 a local wealthy merchant and art collector, Pavel Tretyakov, has put together an exhibition of modern works created by Russia's contemporary fine artists. He displayed this collection in the big hall of the Tretyakov's family house. Only a decade passed and the “Moscow City Gallery of Tretyakov” holding over 2,000 artworks was opened to visitors as a gift to the city of Moscow.


Often referred to as “the treasury of national fine arts”, the Tretyakov Gallery encompasses more than 150,000 works of art today. The masterpieces on display represent different genres and Russia's rich art traditions.

The unique sculptures, hundred-year-old icons, flawless paintings of the Tretyakov collection were created both by unknown artists and sculptors, as well as world-known and admired names. Therefore visiting the Tretyakov Gallery is a wonderful opportunity to admire contemporary works of art along with the legacy of many generations of artists.