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Swedish Fika, Sweden
Need some rest after wandering through Stockholm’s beautiful Old Town and world-class museums? Then it's time for fika!

In Sweden a coffee drinking pause is called fika, it means having a break, most often a coffee break, with one's colleagues, friends, date or family.

The word fika can be used as both verb and a noun: you can fika at work by taking a "coffee break", fika with someone like a "coffee date". As such, the word has quite ambiguous connotations, but almost always includes something to eat, such as biscuits, cakes and even sweets, accompanied with the drink.

This practice of taking a break, often with a cinnamon roll or some biscuits, cookies, or a fruit on the side, is central to Swedish life. It is much more than just a coffee break, it’s an opportunity to catch up with friends while sharing coffee and a piece of Swedish cake. And to your convenience, you can get a social cup of coffee in numerous cozy cafes or 6 beautiful city parks.