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Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Often called “the stone city”, Tashkent is an important hub of central Asia and the magnificent capital of Uzbekistan. Throughout its centuries-old history this historical city located on the Great Silk Road came under enormous vicissitudes from the Sogdian to the Soviet.

The main city of Uzbekistan is a huge metropolis which at the same time preserves its own oriental flavor. Its medieval buildings, as if descended from ancient oriental tales, and elegant European architecture, its standard Soviet buildings and splendid skyscrapers all stand as one making Tashkent so special and unique.

Unfortunately much of Tashkent's traditional architectural heritage was destroyed during the 1917 revolution and the 1966 earthquake, yet many of its marvelous sights still stand today.

Among the absolute must-sees are firstly the historical Barak-Khan Seminary that is among the most remarkable masterpieces of the central Asian architecture. The complex was built in the 16th century and encompassed a rich library of oriental manuscripts. The Madrassah's Tila Sheikh Mosque is the place where the world's oldest Qur'an - Quran of Caliph Uthman resides.

The boisterous Chorsu bazaar is also worth a visit. There has been a market on the place of the modern Baazar since the 13 century, the open-air farmer's Bazaar with the gorgeously decorated blue dome still functions today.

And of course the relic caravanserai Kukeldash Madrassah is a place that you wouldn’t want to miss in Tashkent. Originally built as a Muslim school in 1570 this ensemble on the city’s main square was used as a caravanserai of merchants, a fortress of Kokand khans and was assigned to the Spiritual Board of Muslims.

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