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The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

One of the most renowned landmarks in the city, the Western Wall, is a must-visit while in the Old City of Jerusalem. Also known as the Wailing Wall and Kotel, it dates back to the 1st century BC and is among the world's most important religious sites both for the Jewish people and other religions, attracting thousands to pray at the holy site.

The Western Wall is all that was left of the Temple Mount, surrounding the Second Temple of Jerusalem, after the Romans tore it down. Even though the wall is not a part of the Temple itself, it became a prevalent place of worship and prayer after an earthquake hit in the 16th century. That is when the area around the wall was cleared of rubble and designated for the Jewish people to pray.

As a matter of fact, people can not only recite their prayers by the Western Wall but write them down as well and place the pieces of paper in the fractures of the wall. The Jewish people pray three times a day, and by the wall men and women have to pray separately, thus the territory is divided into two sections.

While in Jerusalem, make sure to visit the Western Wall for a unique experience of seeing the religious site firsthand and getting acquainted with the history and customs of the area.