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Yerevan, Armenia
Explore Yerevan - the homogeneous capital of Armenia. Founded in 782 B.C. it is one of the world’s oldest continually inhabited cities. Yerevan is the country’s cultural, economic and political heart that offers many things to do and see. The capital is rich in monuments and museums, parks and cozy squares all in the setting of beautiful steep hills. Kentron - the city’s center is an absolute highlight. It is a historical district and a good example of 19-century legacy of Soviet architecture.

The most sacred churches of the country are among the must-sees of Yerevan and its environs. The first jewel of Medieval Armenian architecture is the Monastery Complex of Haghpat the first founding of which can be traced back to 929-953. The St. Nshan Church - earliest standing building, represents the prosperity of Armenian religious architecture, the unique style of which developed as a fusion of ecclesiastical Byzantine elements and traditional vernacular style of the Caucasian region.

Another Armenian treasure is the Mother Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin. Built in 301-303 by Saint Gregory the Illuminator when the country became the first officially Christian country in the world, the cathedral is the oldest state-built church on the planet. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the nations spiritual center.

The third landmark that can’t be missed is Zvartnots Cathedral, also called "celestial angels" built by command of the Catholicos Nerses from 641-653. Only the ruins of the 7th century centrally-planned aisled tetraconch type Armenian cathedral as well as the remains of the Catholicos palace and a winery stand today.

Don’t forget to stop at the Matenadaran meaning "repository of manuscripts". It is one of the oldest and richest book-depositories in the world with a collection of about 17000 manuscripts including records on almost all the areas of ancient and Medieval Armenian culture and sciences - history, geography, grammar, philosophy, law, medicine, mathematics, chemistry, translations, literature, chronology.

Moreover, it is an encyclopedia of manuscripts in Arabic, Persian, Greek, Syrian, Latin, Ethiopian, Indian, Japanese and other languages. Yerevan - an essential stop on the south Caucasus journey.

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