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The Meteora Trip to Greece

Use a trip to the Meteora as your escape from the busy metropolis lifestyle and get carried away to an awe-inspiring location with incredible scenery!

If you are thinking about traveling to the land of ancient Gods, Greece then you cannot miss out on Meteora and the amazing landscape view that opens up to you at the top. The Meteora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is a rock formation situated in central Greece and is considered to be one of the best rock climbing spots in Europe, which anyone can try out by purchasing the Meteora tour with a climbing guide.

The Meteora's significance also comes from serving as the land for the 6 Monasteries that remain functional to this day. The area was populated by 56 people in 2015, 15 of which were monks, and 41 nuns who all worked and lived at the Monasteries. Today, the Monasteries are open for any guest to walk around in and admire the interior design of the 12th century.

Behold the staggering panorama view that opens up to you from any of the Monasteries and take a deep breath of high-altitude air into your lungs to truly become one with nature. Don't push aside your Greek journey and begin building your own itinerary today!