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Breathtaking Mont Saint-Michel

Welcome to magnificent Mont Saint-Michel, France's most breathtaking fortified island. Located only 285 km (177 mi) away from the most romantic city in the world, the fairytale place originally wasn't an island at all. Many centuries ago, Mont was built on dry land, but the sea level rose higher and higher over the years, leading to the creation of what we know now as the Mont Saint-Michel Bay, repeatedly listed among the most beautiful bays on the planet.

The history of Mont Saint-Michel is very interesting, full of unexpected twists, and featuring archangels, merciless wars, brave citizens, and several kings and queens of France. To fully comprehend the splendor of the place, it's better to explore it with one of the knowledgeable local guides who can tell you about the famous sanctuary something beyond what you can read on the internet.

Although there are several hotels in the area, most visitors prefer to explore the majestic place within a day trip from Paris to Mont Saint-Michel. And although there is no doubt that you will wish you didn't have to leave as soon as you see the incredible island, one day is enough to cover all its main sights, including the world-famous Mont Saint-Michel Abbey. But keep in mind that the Mont Saint-Michel Castle is something more than just a unique tourist attraction. It's home to more than 40 people, including the citizens of the village, nestled under the walls of the Mont Saint-Michel fortress, as well as nuns and monks who live under the abbey's roof. So be respectful of their home and don't take pictures or videos of the residents without permission.

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