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For Suppliers


Supplier Business Principles


1. Professional & On Time

You are a professional, whose primary concern is to provide your customers with high-quality service. To that end, you always act in a friendly, calm but professional manner and arrive on time to the exact place assigned. Therefore you do not make people wait and/or look for you. You do your best to make the customer happy at all times. In the event that a customer expresses dissatisfaction with their experience, you respond to the complaint in an appropriate manner - even if the complaint is groundless.

2. Meeting Sign & Appearance

You meet customers in the assigned place holding a branded Firebird Tours sign high up in your hand. The sign should be shown either on an iPad or be printed out in color at least of the A4 format, have the Firebird Tours logo and brand colors, so that it is easily seen and noticed. You present a tidy appearance and avoid activities that might give offense - smoking, chewing gum, foul language and the like.

3. Responsible & Safe

All information about your qualifications, licenses, and experience is accurate and up-to-date. You accept and understand that you have total responsibility for your customer's happiness, well-being and physical safety at all times. Thus while transferring customers from one point to another you guarantee the safety and technical serviceability of the used transport as well as a safe manner driving.

4. Responsive in Case of Emergency

You understand that your job is very demanding and that things won't always run smoothly. Once a booking is confirmed, you will do your utmost to deliver your services unless there is an illness or other exceptional circumstance. In this case, as soon as possible, you will inform the customer and Firebird Tours about any personal or professional circumstances that may impact the quality of your service so that we can work with you to find another qualified supplier for replacement.

In all cases, you are responsible for the successful delivery of the service. When changes have to be made, you are clear to the customer why the change is being made. Questions regarding service details, bookings or schedules are responded to as soon as possible, but no longer than within 24 hours. If you will be out of touch for a period of time, you've assigned a backup person to deal with any issues that arise.

5. Value for Money

You understand that your services are already paid for by a customer and will not ask to pay additional amounts. Any additional expenses, charges or fees are to be presented to Firebird Tours. Further, under no circumstances will you ask for a tip. If someone asks you about our tipping policy you will say that it is solely to the discretion of customer whether to tip or not to tip and what the amount of tip should be.