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Theme Tours


Traveling is always exciting, however, we can help take it to the next level with unique theme tours tailored to various interests. Whether it's spectacular architecture or to-die-for wonders of local cuisine, the itineraries are filled with authentic activities, guided tours, and exceptional experiences that are only included on our theme tours. Don’t you worry, our theme tours maintain the quality features of a regular tour and include private transfers, professional English-speaking guides, best accommodation options, and other amenities. Browse the list of theme tours below and choose which one matches your interests the best!

Providing unforgettable moments admiring world-class performances, the tours also include visiting some of the most astonishing Theater & Opera Houses in Europe. Discover such gems as the Royal Danish Opera, the Bolshoi Theater or go backstage in the Royal Opera House in London!
Themed tours tailored specifically to families are a great way to spend your vacation discovering beautiful countries all together. The itineraries include not only sightseeing in the main cities in Europe but some entertaining activities as well, fun for adults and the little ones likewise.
For those interested in architecture, the theme tours created in partnership with USModernist® are truly a treat. Taking place in major European cities, tours allow you to marvel at numerous architectural masterpieces and get to know more about it with the help of a professional guide.
Discovering local cuisine is as important as sightseeing in the cities, thus don't miss your chance to enjoy culinary-themed tours in countries all over Europe. You will have the opportunity to taste dishes made from fresh regional produce and to enjoy cooking master-classes with a local chef as well!


We have 60+ tours tailored to specific interests. Browse all programs, including Italian Culinary Adventures, Northern Lights in Lapland and many other amazing adventures in European destinations.


Put your hiking shoes on and embark on an unforgettable journey amid awe-inspiring surroundings in Europe. Don’t miss the chance to marvel at lakes, cliffs, and waterfalls as you traverse some of the most breathtaking locations in Norway, Switzerland, and other wondrous destinations.
Unraveling the secrets of the past has never been more fascinating! Traveling is a great way to get acquainted with the history and authentic heritage of each country and culture, thus it should definitely be experienced firsthand by everyone interested in the topic. Crave to travel back in time?
Is seeing the astonishing marvel of nature on your bucket list? The vast variety of Northern Lights Tours allows you to choose the destination of your dreams and make it a vacation of your lifetime! Scenic panoramas and unique accommodation options, such as at a glass igloo, are included.
Christmas-themed tours are the perfect way to soak up the jolly spirit! Filled with picture-perfect snowy landscapes, authentic activities in each destination, fairytale-like Christmas markets and an ever-present festive ambiance it definitely makes the holiday season even more special.


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