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Learn about Firebird's accomplishments and the timeline of its development

Our Awards

Our Awards

Customer Satisfaction Reward is our Most Important Award

Our most important Reward is an appreciation of our service by our customers. Our second award that we value the most is our World Travel Award. There have been many more awards besides these two, and we are proud to be recognized for our work, but ultimately, we pay very little attention to receiving awards as it is our company culture to focus on what's important - and us, getting awards, is not the most important for our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction - Our Main Award and Reward

We are proud to have a soaring customer satisfaction rate and we invite you to explore it on Trustpilot - an independent customer review website that gathers reviews from our customers. We also invite you to visit our own Customer Reviews section on our website.

Firebird Reviews Firebird Reviews

World Travel Awards

World Travel Award

We are proud to be winners of the World Travel Awards, which coins itself as Oscars of the travel industry. We are proud of this award because when we earned it, we were the first to do it in our category. Also, when we won it, the World Travel Award was indeed like an Oscar of the travel industry. It's probably not the case anymore, but for us, this award will always leave a great memory of great accomplishment.

Northern lights Northern lights


Our Memberships

We are a member of a range of terrific consumer and industry associations: A-member of Better Business Bureau (BBB), European Tour Operator Association (ETOA), Swiss Travel Association (STAR).

Switzerland Switzerland



First office opens in New York City
New office opens in Arlington, Virginia
Company opens branch in Saint Petersburg, Russia
World Travel Awards Winner - Russia's Best Travel Agency
Company opens branch in Minsk, Belarus
New service office opens in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
First European office opened in Vilnius, Lithuania
Launch of new destinations in Europe and Asia
Australian branch opens
Covering the entire continent of Europe
Tour operator opened in Switzerland and online Europe Trip Planner launched
Travel & Hospitality Award Winner (based on excellent Firebird Tours reviews on various third-party sources)
Company has served more than 445,000 customers with 30,000 of them booking trips longer than 10 days