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Not everybody knows that breathtaking Italy is the largest producer of wine in the world. And it's hardly a surprise, considering that this sun-kissed country boasts an extensive history in the field of winemaking that started in the 2nd century BC. What is more, Italy is the first country that began a large scale production of this noble drink and invented the storage techniques that are still in use nowadays! With a heritage like that, no one should visit Italy without giving the local wines a try. It doesn't matter how you choose to do it. You can stop by one of the numerous vineyards, or enjoy a glass of wine in a cozy street cafe of inspiring Florence or even dedicate a whole day to a wine tour in Tuscany. Rest assured that Italian wines will steal your heart. If it sounds tempting, don't miss a chance to look through Firebird's collection of the best wine tours in Italy, including memorable tours in Tuscany, Italy's most famous wine region. Please note that all itineraries feature stays in the best properties, located close to the main cities' attractions, only logical and comfortable connections, and, most importantly, exquisite wine tastings of the best Italian vinos!

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