Tours of Ireland for Seniors

As you know, here at Firebird, we pride ourselves in offering an individual approach to every customer. And one of the key factors for organizing the perfect journey is taking into consideration the age of the traveler. Of course, all our programs are fully customizable and, with a bit of help from an experienced travel specialist, can be shaped to meet all your needs and wishes. Sometimes it seems easier to go with a preassembled itinerary, but we know that looking for the best Ireland tour for seniors is not an easy task. If you choose to travel to Ireland with us, you can rest assured that you are going to be provided with impeccable service, top-notch downtown hotels, and memorable tours with professional guides. Even though some programs include hiking through the scenic Irish valleys (favored by nature enthusiasts from all over the world), the trekking routes aren't very long or difficult to follow. What is more, Ireland trips for seniors that we offer boast great sightseeing programs/free time balance, allowing the travelers to dive into the local culture and history while having enough time to explore the region on their own!

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