If you're seeking for a truly experiential travels, you've come to the right place. Adventure tours by Firebird offer best of both worlds: premium service goes hand in hand with adventure activities in every destination. Be it a drive package tour through entire Eurasia or a walking African safari, we always deliver superior value to our clients. 

Spain, Portugal, Morocco

Two Continents: from Barcelona to Marrakech

24 days / Private tour
Barcelona Madrid Lisbon Seville Granada Malaga Fes Marrakech

Start your personal trans-continental adventure of the world's brightest countries and see the best of Spain, Portugal and Morocco during the 24-day private tour.

Rating: 4.94

Saga of Genghis Khan  

8 days / Private tour
Ulan Bator

Discover the hidden gems of Mongolia, meet local nomads and experience stunning steppes.

Rating: 4.30