If you're seeking for a truly experiential travels, you've come to the right place. Adventure tours by Firebird offer best of both worlds: premium service goes hand in hand with adventure activities in every destination. Be it a drive package tour through entire Eurasia or a walking African safari, we always deliver superior value to our clients. 

Spain, Portugal, Morocco

Two Continents: from Barcelona to Marrakech

24 days / Private tour
Barcelona Madrid Lisbon Seville Granada Malaga Fes Marrakech

Start your personal trans-continental adventure of the world's brightest countries and see the best of Spain, Portugal and Morocco during the 24-day private tour.

Rating: 4.94

Saga of Genghis Khan  

8 days / Private tour
Ulan Bator

Discover the hidden gems of Mongolia, meet local nomads and experience stunning steppes.

Rating: 4.30

African Overland Safari

Johannesburg Maun Kasane
Experience three divine countries of Africa with our 9-day safari adventure that will introduce you to all the main treasures of Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.
Rating: 4.63

The Rhythms of South Africa

Johannesburg Swaziland Durban Cape Town

Feel the rythm of genuine South African life and explore the best places, routes, national parks, reserves and wildlife during the exciting two-week small group tour.

Rating: 4.87

Genuine South Africa

16 days / Private safari
Johannesburg Durban Cape Town

Not an ordinary safari, but rather a unique exploration of genuine South African motifs from a perspective of a local.

Rating: 4.77

Eurasia Drive Adventure

26 days / Private tour
Istanbul Ankara Yerevan Tbilisi Baku
Unique drive tour through Turkey, Armenia, Georgia & Azerbaijan on well-equipped 4x4 Land Rover in a group of adventure seekers.
Rating: 4.00