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European Hiking Tours

Crave to see the off-the-beaten-track paths of mother nature that are unreachable by car? Roaring waterfalls, glorious cliffs, breathtaking panoramas - if you're a fan of natural wonders, Europe is surely a great place for your explorations on foot. Frequently, many travelers hesitate to go on hiking tours, intimidated by the possible difficulty of the long intense walks or the inaccessibility to comfortable living conditions (explained by overnights in outdoor tents and having to carry heavy bags), and, as a result, they miss out on incredible experiences. From our years of expertise in European travel, we know that there's a better way to do it: combining comfort with adventures!
On this page, we present you a new better way of hiking in Europe, always offering not only accommodation in great hotels or cozy countryside villas but also best-planned inspiring hikes to gorgeous locations which are of low or easy/moderate level of intensity. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from several types of Europe hiking tour packages: private guided hiking tours with transportation, guided small group hikes for up to 8 or 16 people max, as well as self-guided hiking tours, providing the opportunity to easily explore at your own pace with a pre-planned route map and included luggage-carrying service.

Hiking Tours

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Hiking Vacation Packages

Escape from reality to outstanding nature views while hiking. Enjoy paths unreachable by car, see harmonic and breathtaking landscapes, discover wildlife, and witness natural wonders. Book a private or small group hiking tour with us. Our hiking tours are organized by knowledgeable destination experts and contain cozy accommodation, best-planned hike routes to fantastic locations of different intensity levels. Choose a small group guided tour or a self-guided tour with a pre-planned route map. Admire the beauty of European mountains and countryside with your friends and family! For more inspiration, read hiking tour highlights and travel tips below.

Hiking Tour Highlights

  • Exploration of fantastic Norwegian wildlife of the north during hikes
  • Use of various unique Norwegian transport means
  • Hiking Above Lake Walen in Zurich
  • Trip to Mount Pilatus
  • Alpine Trail hike from Grindelwald
  • Private tour to the Cliffs of Moher & Atlantic Edge Hike Hike to the Glendalough Valley
  • Self-guided hiking to Anascal and Dingle with a pre-planned route map and a luggage-carrying service

Tips for Hiking Travel

  • Scandinavian and Irish climate is unpredictable and weather can be quite harsh. Bringing a water-resistant jacket, umbrella, and some warm clothes is a must
  • The tours will require a lot of walking, make sure to pack comfortable shoes
  • Most communication equipment takes 230 volts, you will need an adapter plug (type E) to make your plug fit into the socket
  • To avoid currency exchange fees, we suggest exchanging currency in your personal bank prior to the trip

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