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Northern Lights Tours

Wintertime in Scandinavia has a very special vibe. And it's no surprise that many travelers choose to experience Norway, Finland, Sweden, or Iceland during the snowy months. After all, who hasn't dreamt of meeting Santa Claus in his village, chasing the Northern Lights, or soaking in a hot geothermal bath in Iceland? If it sounds like a great vacation, browse our winter tours in Scandinavia and beyond and get in touch with our specialists.

Northern Lights Vacation Packages

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Northern Lights Vacations

Northern Lights tours are something you should have in mind if you are thinking about how to best witness Aurora Borealis's spectacular phenomenon. We designed them in such a way that they do not only help you hunt down the lights but make you have fun doing it! Choose one of our Northern Lights private tours and enjoy scenic and unique accommodation, staying in a glass igloo or snow and ice hotels. With the help of a tailor-made Northern Lights itinerary, you will take part in authentic winter activities, get to know the Sami culture and rest assured knowing we have your back.

Northern Lights Tour Highlights

Take a chance to witness the beautiful phenomena, Northern Lights, with scenic landscapes and great cities.

Learn which locations are the best for hunting Aurora Borealis and which activities to add to your tour. Create a fairytale-like tour together with a destination specialist.

Northern Lights Tour Highlights
  • Reindeer sleigh
  • Visiting Santa at Santa Claus Village
  • Snowmobile safari in Rovaniemi
  • Hunting Northern Lights
  • Overnight at a Glass Igloo Resort
  • Husky dog sledding in the Arctic
  • Meeting a Sami Family in Ivalo
  • Northern Lights group cruise
  • Blue Lagoon visit
  • Seljalandsfoss & Skogarfoss waterfalls

Tips for Northern Lights Travel

Prepare for your Northern Lights itinerary with expert tips and enjoy the experience.

  • Currency

    Norway has Norwegian Krone, Iceland has Icelandic Krone, Sweden has Swedish Krone, while Finland has Euros.

  • Food

    Trying local Scandinavian food is one of the best travel experiences. Make sure to taste famous meatballs or Lutefisk.

  • What to pack

    The tours take place in winter, so pack warm clothes, gloves, a scarf, winter boots, and water-resistant jacket.

  • How much to tip

    In the Scandinavian countries, you are expected to tip 5%-10% of your total bill for a good service.

  • Climate

    The winter temperature in Scandinavia is approx 4 °C (23°F) but doesn't usually drop below -15°C (4°F).

  • Souvenirs

    Some of the most popular souvenirs from Scandinavia are clogs, wooden utensils, Dalecarlian horse.

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