Winter time in Scandinavia has a very special vibe to it. And it's no surprise many travelers choose to experience Norway, Finland or Sweden during the snowy months. After all, who hasn't dreamt of meeting Santa Claus in his village, chasing the Northern Lights or soaking in a hot geothermal bath in Iceland? If it sounds like a great vacation, browse our winter tours in Scandinavia and get in touch with our specialists.


Top picks from Firebird

Norway Northern Lights Tour

8 days / Private tour
Tromso Bergen Flam Oslo
View an amazing natural phenomenon, Aurora Borealis, and enjoy breathtaking nature of Norway and Lapland.
Rating: 4.91

Finland Northern Lights Adventure

7 days / Private tour
Helsinki Rovaniemi
Witness the beauty of Finland in winter with our private Northern Lights tour. Visit Santa Claus village and enjoy all kinds of fun winter activities.
Rating: 4.96

Winter Wonders of Norway

11 days / 4-star cruise
Oslo Bergen Alesund
Norwegian tour and cruise in winter. Explore the land of glaciers, enjoy traditional winter activities of Norway and experiecnce the magic of Northern Lights.
Rating: 4.75
Norway, Finland

Winter Norway & Finland

16 days / Private tour
Oslo Bergen Svolvaer Kirkenes Rovaniemi Helsinki
Discover the majestic north as you make your way from Oslo to Helsinki via the Arctic Circle. Visit Santa Claus in Lapland, go dog sledding, stay at a Snow Hotel and in Glass Igloos.
Rating: 4.00

Swedish Winter Wonderland

8 days / Private tour
Treat yourself to a classic Winter adventure. Our custom Swedish tour combines all popular winter activities, accommodation in the ice hotel, and Northern Lights seeking in one trip.
Rating: 4.88
Sweden, Finland
Great Winter Lapland

Great Winter Lapland

9 days / Private tour
Stockholm Rovaniemi Inari

Experience the best of Scandinavian winter during your amazing 9-day tour to the most fantastic destinations of Swedish and Finnish Lapland.

Rating: 4.00

Winter Iceland

4 days / Group tour
The perfect blend of spa relaxation and breathtaking sightseeing on a winter trip to Iceland. You'll never forget its roaring waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, and world famous geothermal resorts.
Rating: 4.25
Swiss Alps, Interlaken region, Switzerland

Winter Switzerland

10 days / Private tour
Zurich Lucerne Rigi Kaltbad Interlaken Bern
Immerse yourself in Switzerland's winter fairytale! In 10 days explore 5 cities including a stay in Rigi Kaltbad, a lovely resort in the Swiss Alps.
Rating: 4.00

Russia Northern Lights

11 days / Private tour
Moscow Saint Petersburg Murmansk
Discover the majestic Russian winter as you explore its two brilliant capitals, the inspiring Karelia region and make your way north to witness the dazzling Northern Lights.
Rating: 4.87